Pharmacy & Provider Relationships

Big Country Dermatology Pharmacy prioritizes provider relationships. We utilize a pharmacy liaison to build trusting relationships between us and the dermatology clinics. Our purpose is to make a positive difference in people’s lives, and the best way to do that is by seeing people for whom they are and developing long-term and meaningful relationships with them. 

Why Provider Relationships Matter to claRx

Our value as a pharmacy comes from saving your office time and saving your patients money.  

That’s why we created customized¬†provider protocols¬†for dermatology providers. With these customized provider protocols, we automate the prescription substitution process for the provider based on the assigned alternative from the provider protocol. When a protocol is not available for the substitution we send concise emails or faxes to your office to let you know what the next best alternative is for the patient.¬†

It’s much easier and faster to come to a decision when we keep the communication between the pharmacy and the provider, rather than a patient reaching out to your office.This process helps us assist your patients with more efficiency and quality care. Our pharmacists and pharmacy techs are always on hand to answer questions a patient may have and address any of their concerns.

For providers that use protocols we keep your office informed on changes with our “end-of-week prescription substitution summaries,” so you, the dermatologist, and your office staff know what prescriptions if any have been substituted based on your protocol allowing your team to update the patient profile. 

You Can Depend On Us

Your office can count on Big Country to treat your patients the you want them to be treated, both professionally and individually. Providing the best service for your patients is our priority, which involves finding the right prescription for your patients based on their insurance and needs.

At Big Country, we realize how time-consuming pharmacy issues can be and we want to help your office focus on patient care. To accomplish this, we use our proven process that centers around ensuring a cost and effectiveness balance with each prescription. This is where we pay attention to each individuals insurance plan as well as what medications and manufacturer assistance are currently available to use these three factors in a synergistic way. The results speak for themselves, see our patient and provider reviews here. (link to google page showing our reviews) The better we are, the happier your patients will be.

Let us work with your office and make a positive difference in your patients lives. 



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