The Ideal Pharmacy for Patients and Dermatologists

Every patient should have the opportunity to use a pharmacy that is an expert in their field of medicine. At claRx Big Country Dermatology Pharmacy, we are experts in dermatology pharmacy and focus on providing the best experience possible for patients and providers. This results in saving patients money and saving providers time. 

Saving Providers Time 

Providers need a pharmacy that is knowledgeable about the medications they are prescribing. This means that the pharmacy must know:

  1. How the medication is used. 
  2. The typical side effects associated with the medication.  
  3. The cost of the medication. 
  4. Manufacturer rebates that can be used for the medication. 
  5. Alternative medications when the medication prescribed is not an option.

Having a pharmacy who is an expert on the medications that are prescribed helps eliminate those conversations with patients and providers, and when they are needed, they are concise and effective.

Dermatology clinics should be able to focus on putting their time into their patient care and not worrying about whether the pharmacy is going to unintentionally cause a problem with the patient receiving their medication. We think our role in pharmacy is to find solutions to issues and resolve them as efficiently as possible. Providers should expect the pharmacy to help their patients receive the medication they need and to put the same level of care into the patient that they do. 

Saving Patients Money

Pharmacies have the ability to save patients hundreds of dollars when they have team members with the right skill sets. As healthcare providers, our duty is to help patients live a better quality of life. This usually comes in the manner of providing the patient with the right medication, and when we are able to save a patient hundreds of dollars on their medication, that improves their quality of life as well.

Our focus on dermatology means that we almost always have their medication in stock, which means they get their medications faster than they would from most pharmacies, allowing the patient to begin treatment sooner. 

Patients should not have to go to a pharmacy where they feel like they are treated like a number on a prescription. Instead make sure your patients know pharmacies like claRx Big Country Dermatology Pharmacy exist to do everything they can to give the patient the experience they deserve. 

A pharmacy should use their expertise to get patients what they need and solve the patient’s problems while finding joy in the process. If we are not here to truly help patients, what are we here for?

When it comes to patients and pharmacies, what fires you up? Comment below and let us know. 



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