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Dermatologists recommend us because of our consistent ability to save you money and deliver prescriptions quickly. Our team is solely focused on dermatology pharmacy and knowing every nuance and detail about these medications to ensure every patient gets a great deal on their prescription. 

What you can expect from Big Country Dermatology Pharmacy

1. We call or text you within a few hours of receiving your prescription  (Please call us if you have not heard from us in 24 hours)

2. Purchase is completed over the phone with medication counseling from a pharmacist available

3. Medication is delivered in 1-4 business days

*Compounds generally take 24 hours to build
before we’re able to deliver

Why Your Dermatologist Recommends a Specialty Pharmacy

The most important thing to your Dermatologist and their staff is that you receive the medications that will treat your condition.

Most of the generic drugs your Dermatologist may prescribe are not on the $4 formularies of chain pharmacies. In fact, these generics are often many times higher at chain pharmacies than at a specialty pharmacy.

Many prescriptions your Dermatologist prescribes have rebates and assistance programs that specialty pharmacies work with.

Most chain pharmacies and neighborhood pharmacies do not stock many of the medications that your dermatologist needs to treat you.

Why your Dermatologist Chooses Big Country Dermatology Pharmacy

They need a partner to continue excellent patient care and communication beyond their practice walls. They want you to be treated kindly, respectfully, and on time.

Big Country Dermatology Pharmacy carries manufactured medication, as well as custom compounded medication.

We accept most insurance (including Medicare, Tri-care, and Medicaid) and access manufacturer co-pay reductions when available to further reduce cost. Cash patients are no problem either; we have competitive prices on the medications your Dermatologist prescribes.

Free Delivery

1-2 Business Days for Accutane

3-5 Business Days for Compounding


If You Try Another Pharmacy First

When that pharmacy quotes you a price that is too high, they do not have the medication in stock, or if they say it needs a prior authorization, give Big Country Dermatology Pharmacy a chance.

Simply call Big Country Dermatology Pharmacy in Texas at 325.704.5222 or the Tennessee Pharmacy at 931.487.1700, tell us where the prescription was sent, and we will take care of the rest. You DO NOT have to call your doctor again or worry about getting another prescription.

• Your Dermatologist DOES NOT want you to wait for weeks for your medication.
• They DO NOT want to work on needless prior authorizations.
• They DO NOT want you to overpay or not get your medication.

Get Rewarded For Your Loyalty

All you have to do is collect 5 loyalty cards and the 6th compound is FREE! Our pharmacy sends cards out with every compound, you don’t need to do a thing in order to sign-up. Refills count too! After you receive the first free compound, it starts over again. No limit, and no expiration.


Don’t Forget Free Delivery!

1-2 Business Days for Accutane
3-5 Business Days for Compounding


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