The Benefits of Working with a Derm-Specific Pharmacy

As knowledge increases worldwide, we are advancing every day in every field. Over the years, the field of pharmacy has continued to make the existence of man a better one through the regulation of drugs.

One of these things improving the quality of life is the separation of duties and functions. Simply put, combining many functions together does not lead to specialization but rather reduces efficiency. Specialization leads to uniqueness. In the world of pharmacy, some pharmacies have specialized in the niche of dermatology, and a select few focus only on dermatology. We focus on dermatology alone to create a uniquely pleasant experience. 

Are there benefits in working with a Dermatology Pharmacy?

When considering whether to work with a dermatology pharmacy, like Big Country Dermatology Pharmacy, or go to a general pharmacy, a good rule of thumb is to consider the medication being prescribed. If it is not something that a general pharmacy deals with day in and day out there are most likely details and nuances relating to the medication that they will not be familiar with and some of which can be highly important and costly. This is the same reason patients are referred by general practitioners to dermatologist in the first place. 

The known benefits include:

  • Knowledgeable staff

Our staff will speak with more patients in one day about their dermatology medications and how to use them than most general pharmacy staff members will speak to in a year. We do not only process dermatology medications efficiently, our pharmacist and technicians review the medications and the dermatologist intent and balance that with our expertise to ensure the patient pays the lowest cost possible for their treatment and is educated well on what to expect and how to use the medication.

The education our technicians and pharmacist are able to apply and convey to patients helps them use their medication more consistently with a better understanding of the expected results. Some times that expertise manifests through our team accessing rebates that allow the patient to receive their prescription for $10 when they had been receiving it for $400 and other times it is simply letting a patient know that the reaction they are experiencing is actually normal, expected, and short lived. In both cases that expertise gives piece of mind to our patients in knowing we are taking care of them to our best abilities.

  • Better equipment

Those wanting to be great in their field can’t be a jack of all trades. To be the best requires the right tools. One of the benefits of working with a dermatology pharmacy is that they have access to the equipment necessary for their needs to create dermatology compounds that are high quality and consistently effective.  Our staff has the opportunity to use equipment to create compounds on a patient specific level that was previously only used at major drug manufacturing plants to make thousands of medications at a time. For example, we use planetary mixers to incorporate our products together at extremely high speeds while keeping temperature low which results in compounds that have the exact same amount of active drug ingredient in every gram of the compound.

This can be contrasted with the common practice still used today of using a mortar and pestle (the classic symbols for pharmacy) to create compounds by most pharmacies.

  • Mindset

We are a team of like-minded individuals sharing in our belief that we can do more for patients and make the process better than the status quo. We use our core values of integrity, team work, positive attitude, and drive all pushing towards this common goal to improve every day.

  • Overall great experience

Let’s face it. Everyone likes being treated well – whether by their barbers, mechanics, or teachers. And the experience you get when you need help with medication for your skin should not be any different. There are certain value-added services available through a dermatology pharmacy that you do not get elsewhere, which often gives you better results.

Choose Big Country Dermatology Pharmacy because our proven process works to save clinics time and patients money.



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