What Makes our Proven Process Work

What Makes our Proven Process Work

Our proven process has been honed over years of experience. And like all great processes, it was born out of a higher cause. Our team knows what our purpose is, we believe in affordable access to dermatology medications. And because each one of our team members comes to work every day with that belief, we are able to create processes and find ways to provide that service to our patients.



claRx Team of Specialists

The first and arguably the most notable factor that makes our process work is our team of specialists. Delivery of high-quality services to our patients is our number one priority.

  1. Receive the Prescription

We receive prescriptions via four different mediums, electronically, by fax, over the phone, or an original hard copy. Once we have the prescription in our possession, we make sure that everything we need to process the prescription is included and from there, input the prescription into our system.

  1. Communicate with the Patient

At this stage we begin to differentiate our selves from the status quo. We reach out to our patients with a phone call rather than waiting for them to call us. If we are not able to communicate to them with the phone call and have not heard from the patient within a couple of hours, we will text message the patient as a second reminder that we have their prescription. We can complete the entire process via text message if the patient prefers that method. 

  1. Evaluate the Prescription

Prescription evaluation requires the most education and attention to detail of the entire process. This is the second point in our process that we approach the traditional status quo from a different perspective. Our pharmacists carefully looks at each prescription and not only do they evaluate for appropriate use of the medication but we also analyze the specific cost for that patient and other potential similar medications that could offer huge cost saving opportunities.

The differentiator is the effort we put in to ensure maximum cost benefit to each patient. The first step here is being in tune and aware of all the manufacturer rebate programs that are available and how we can use them. We also look to make sure there is not a generic version available for that medication on our in house program. Once we have looked at the cost vs. effectiveness balance we make a determination as to weather or not it is in balance and can be dispensed for the patient, or if it is not in balance we proceed to our alternative step. 

It is important to also note we accept most major insurances and always make sure the insurance plan is paying the most that they are willing to pay for the medication as well. When prior-authorizations are requested by the insurance company we also go the extra mile here and process the prior-auth when the insurance company allows it and when they don’t we start the process and fill in all of the information possible for the provider. This streamlines the prior-authorization approval from the provider back to the pharmacy.


 Cost too High

We have two primary methods of dealing with medications that have a cost too high vs. their benefit for what the patient can afford. The first option we go to is the simplest. Many of our providers have protocols on file with our pharmacy that tell us in the event their patient can not afford a specific medication then to offer ‘x’ medication next that the provider prefers, which allows us to make the change immediately. If the provider does not have a protocol on file regarding that specific medication, we reach out to the provider via either a phone call, electronic message, or a fax. We let them know what the patients cost for that particular medication would be and then also give them 1-3 other medication options that are commonly used to treat the same condition with the cost of each of those prescriptions for the patient.

  1. Payment collection

This is the point where we collect payment for the medication from the patient. Things really start moving quickly from here. We take the utmost care in protecting our patients private information.

  1. Processes the Prescriptions and Complete Final Verification

This two-step portion of our process starts by printing the label for the prescription. Our technicians pull the medication and label it appropriately verifying medication name, dosage form, and strength. The second part is where our pharmacist completes their final verification. This is their professional stamp of approval that the medication is exactly what the provider intended for the patient based on the prescription. 

  1. Deliver the Medication

Now we move the prescription into our delivery process. We use multiple methods to provide the most cost effective and efficient delivery possible for our patients, this includes Fed-Ex ground, Fed-Ex air, USPS, and local courier delivery.

All Accutane prescriptions are delivered via Fed-Ex or local courier to be received in 2 business days or less.

Refrigerated medications are delivered via Fed-Ex air, Fed-Ex ground, or local courier to guarantee less than 48 hours from the time the medication leaves the pharmacy until it is received by the patient.

All other medications stored at room temperature are delivered via USPS or local courier to be received in 3 business days or less. This includes medications like antibiotics for acne and compounds for many different issues.


 Never Settle

We believe in affordable access to dermatology medication, and everything we do stems from this common purpose our team shares. This combined with our proven process give our patients an experience they won’t get anywhere else. To learn more about us, visit here.


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